A Technical Overview of Spotlight

Kyle Loomis · June 19, 2024

A Technical Overview of Spotlight

In the secretive world of over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives, precise and up-to-date information is not merely an advantage—it's a necessity. Spotlight has revolutionized this secret market by providing essential insights that enable derivatives buyers and sellers to anticipate market trends, develop innovative trading ideas, and secure competitive deals.

Spotlight's Competitive Edge

Spotlight is unique in its comprehensive approach to data coverage, being the only platform that captures all uncleared OTC trades executed by US swap dealers. This exclusive access allows Spotlight to clean, transform, and deliver a dataset that is indispensable for sales and trading professionals. Our platform not only facilitates in-depth analysis but also allows users to navigate the entire universe of transactions, offering sophisticated reports on the swap market’s dynamics.

Use Cases

Analyze Markets

Spotlight empowers users to capitalize on emerging opportunities. Whether it’s showcasing the biggest movers or detecting unusual activity, our powerful analytics show where money is flowing.

Generate Trading Ideas

Spotlight assists in discovering new product opportunities by analyzing market activity, enabling users to generate innovative trading ideas that outperform the competition.

Optimize Pricing

  • Visibility into Lost Trades: By examining the specifics of lost trades, users can understand and refine pricing strategies to win more sales.
  • Margin Adjustment: Insights into competitor pricing enable users to adjust their margins effectively, ensuring they remain competitive without sacrificing potential profits.


Our primary data comes from CFTC Part 43 trade submissions to major US Swap Data Repositories, including CME, DTCC, and ICE. We enhance this raw data by leveraging other data and specifications:

  • CFTC Part 43 Technical Specifications
  • ISDA OTC Derivatives Taxonomies
  • Market Identifier Codes
  • Other Market Data and Specifications

Challenges with Data Quality

The data sourced from SDRs often contain inaccuracies and intentional obfuscations, particularly with product details designed to conceal trade specifications. These challenges require sophisticated solutions to decode and interpret accurately.

Transformation Process

Our data transformation process is meticulous and multi-layered:

  • Standardization: We standardize data by renaming and aligning columns for uniformity.
  • Normalization: We clean erroneous values and map product attributes for consistency and accuracy across datasets.
  • Unmasking: We reveal obscured product details by cross-referencing with other datasets, adding depth and precision to our analysis.


The outcome is a meticulously curated dataset that presents a clear and comprehensive view of all uncleared OTC trades. This includes new trades as well as modifications, novations, and cancellations, detailed with contract specifications, dates, products, sub-products, underlying assets, prices, volumes, terms, and much more.


Spotlight is not just a data provider; it is a strategic partner for anyone navigating the complex waters of the OTC derivatives market. By transforming raw data into valuable insights, we equip our clients with the tools they need to optimize pricing, enhance margins, and ultimately drive more profitable trading strategies. Join us at Spotlight, and turn information into your most powerful competitive advantage in the OTC derivatives market.