Introduction to Spotlight

Kyle Loomis · April 10, 2024

Introduction to Spotlight

Hi, I’m Kyle Loomis, the Founder of Spotlight. I previously worked as a Data Engineer at dv01, where I built software to bring transparency to the antiquated and opaque securitization space. dv01 was acquired in 2022 by Fitch Rating Agency.

After dv01, I realized that the OTC derivatives market was in the same boat as securitizations — antiquated and opaque. So I partnered with a top commodity dealer to incubate Spotlight, a market intelligence platform for OTC derivatives. We are illuminating the massive, hidden OTC market by telling the story behind every trade. In an industry filled with opacity, we provide the clarity you need to navigate the markets with confidence.

We developed proprietary technology to unmask hidden trading data, giving our clients an informational advantage over their competitors. Our platform helps our clients analyze markets, generate trading ideas, and optimize pricing.

By addressing the issues surrounding transparency, price discovery, and systemic risk, Spotlight aims to redefine the way derivatives trading is done. Join us in reshaping the future of the OTC derivatives market.